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Elastic Bandage

Author:ShengGuang Medical Time:2016-04-11


Material: polyester, spandex or rubber,cotton

Color: White, skin or customized

Weight: 75-120gsm

Width: 5cm,7.5cm,10cm,15cm

Length: 4m,4.5m,5m

Type: With or without clip, clip types: elastic/mental clip

Package: Individually packed in cellophane


-Immediate direct pressure

-Quick and easy self-application

-Significant time, space, and cost saving

-Secure, water resistant closure bar

-Versatile multi-uses

-Waterproof and shrink package

-Sterile non-adherent pad to eliminate the risk of causing pain and having the wound re-opened upon removal of the bandage


It can be used easily and effectively in all kinds of emergencies.