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POP Bandage(Plaster of Paris)

Author:ShengGuang Medical Time:2016-04-11


Material: Cotton and plaster of paris

Color: White



Immersion time: 2 ~ 8 seconds 

Initial setting time:3 ~ 5 minutes 

Packing: 1pcs/pack,480rolls,360rolls or 240 rolls/ctn depend on your requirement.


1) Suitable for instant use and for treatment after surgery

2) Smooth and fluid plaster covers gauze completely

3) Water permeable.

4) Strong setting abilities

5) Reliable casting.

6) Rapid set time 3-5 minutes.

7) Its caloric value is compatible with human temperature:35-40


Plaster of Paris bandages are used in Orthopedics as impression and modelingcompounds. Limbs are molded in plaster to serve as a pattern for artificial limbs, and to facilitate the fitting of prosthesis. 

Plaster of Paris bandages offer enhanced moulding capability for the application of castsin circular turns, immobilization after fractures, orthopedic corrections, and treating general joint and bone disorders.