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Home medical device knowledge

Author:ShengGuang Medical Time:2016-04-09

1, "home medical equipment" can use their own to buy it?

Can not. At present, a lot of medical device products toward the direction of home sales. But some product requirements are relatively high, should be under the guidance of professional doctors to buy the use, not for the sake of convenience.

For example, when using a blood glucose meter to measure the blood glucose, punctured finger blood test; at the same time, the blood sugar detector requirements are quite strict. At the time of purchase and use to fully consider. And some medical devices, which part of implanted in the human body, a part of in vitro using, such as cochlear implant and hearing aid, artificial larynx and direct contact with corneal contact lenses, these devices need patients to use under the guidance of professional doctor, never self configuring.

2, can be used in medical equipment, mainly what?

Household medical equipment must have medical device product registration certificate. Main products:

(1) household medical instruments: far infrared therapy, magnetic therapy instrument, physiotherapy instrument, frequency treatment instrument etc..

(2) household detection equipment: blood pressure tester, blood glucose meter, electronic thermometer, stethoscope etc..

(3) household medical rehabilitation equipment: household oxygenerator, cervical vertebra and lumbar vertebra traction device, bedsore prevention mattress, orthosis, etc..

3, how to buy "home medical equipment"?

From the defervescence patch, thermometer, blood glucose meter, medical cotton swab, band aid, to old people in wheelchairs belongs to household medical appliance. Just bought, starting from the aspects of product classification, certificates etc..

(1) under the guidance of a doctor to buy the use of. Medical devices are used for the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of diseases. Before the purchase of medical equipment, should first carefully read the product specification, in order to identify products of the mechanism, scope of application, usage, precautions and contraindications etc., combined with the doctor's advice and their choice of products.

(2) to learn how to view the product license. All medical equipment, including medical equipment, must obtain a certificate of medical device registration (for the record) before the sale; packaging and instruction must be printed on the production enterprises production license (for the record) card number, product registration (for the record) card number. No production license (for the record) number and product registration (for the record), the number of fake products or do not belong to medical equipment products. Consumers, should first log on the State Food and Drug Administration website to check the number, in order to identify its authenticity.

(3) to learn to view product classification. Our country implements the medical equipment classification management system, according to the level of product safety risk will be divided into the first, second, third and other categories. See the product registration number in the "first" word after the first digit, such as "1" refers to the first class, "3" is third. Medical equipment is only three categories, the higher the risk the greater the category. Such as medical cotton swab, XXX (province, city) drug armed (quasi) after 2013 the 1XXXXXX number (to change the record for XX (province, city) mechanical mechanical preparation 2014 the xxxxxx) for the first class medical device; a one-time use of sterile syringes, State Food and Drug Administration (quasi -) word 2013 the 3XXXXXX, class III medical devices. Third types of medical equipment should not be purchased for their own home, because this type of medical equipment to save a large security risk, the use of strict requirements. Therefore, consumers in the purchase of medical equipment, it should be clear to the business of its product categories and security risks, in order to facilitate the purchase of a good safety performance products.

(4) to see the operators have no qualifications. In order to ensure the quality of products, consumers have to do: to a regular pharmacy or medical equipment business to buy. Check whether the business has a medical equipment business license (medical equipment operating filing documents), business license and other legal qualifications. Whether the after-sales service is guaranteed, etc.. The flow of sales, sales of products to set up temporary buy carefully, so as not to be deceived.

(5) do not rely on the salesman's advertising. Medical device registration approval, the scope of its application is to be strictly certified by the regulatory authorities. Therefore, consumers in the purchase of products, to look at the formal product specification. Special attention should be paid, some businesses in the marketing of products not in accordance with the approved by the scope of publicity, even deliberately exaggerated the efficacy of the product, such as "effect magic, pack to cure all ills". Fitness equipment and some of the "health" function of clothes, hats, shoes, socks, bracelets, earrings, and so do not belong to medical equipment, they are just some ordinary goods, do not have the treatment function. If consumers buy these products to treat the disease, not only a waste of money, but also delaying the disease treatment.

(6) do not forget to ask for invoices after payment. Consumers in the purchase of medical equipment, be sure to ask for shopping invoices. Because the official invoice is a certificate to buy a product, the product warranty, quality complaints useful. Consumers do not easy, cheap to buy products without a formal bill. Otherwise, once the problem is affected by the issue of rights.